If even the monks knew how to produce it, there is only one thing we can say: “Draft Beer is Divine”

It already has more than 5000 thousand years, was used as currency, as beauty product and even the catholic monks knew how to produce it within the walls of a Trappist monastery.

Beer was part of the daily diet of Egyptian Pharaohs over 5,400 years ago.

In 1839, Burghers in the city of Pilsen (Czech Republic) discovered the bottom fermentation, which resulted in a light draft beer with mild flavor, extending its shelf life. Thus the name: Pilsen Draft Beer.

The origin of the word Chope comes from the old German language and means a small mug used as measurement.

The head, a collar of foam that rises to the rim of the glass, avoided by some, plays an important role in the drink: avoids draft beer to warm up quickly” Foam provides a barrier between the beer and oxygen, maintaining its freshness.

A perfect pour should have at least 3 fingers of head.